Summer Qigong Caravan 2021 at the Confucius Institute in Banja Luka

On 2 August 2021, a lecture and a class of health qigong was held in front of the Faculty of

Political Sciences (University Campus), organized by the Confucius Institute at University of

Banja Luka and the Qigong Association of Serbia.

The lecture and class, which were open to the public, were held as part of the Summer Qigong

Caravan, during which these skills for improving and preserving health originating from China

were presented at over 10 locations over two months.

Participants were briefed about qigong, and had the opportunity to practice and directly see

the effectiveness of these exercises.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health-oriented system that included light and slow movements

with breathing technique and mental concentration. The word Qigong derives from two

Chinese words - Qi which means life energy that can be found in all things in the universe and

Gong that means a skill that is created by continuous practice. Together these two words mean nurturing energy, i.e. a system of exercises practiced to maintain health and increase vitality.

The lecture and class were given by Sasa Balaneskovic, President of the Qigong Federation of

Serbia and the representative of the World Shuai Jiao Federation in Serbia.

Sasha is also a teacher of qigong and taijiquan, a member of the Information Commission of the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF), an advisor to the Shanghai University of

Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) on TCM education, brand promotion and admission of students from Serbia, editorial board member and published author of SHUTCM magazine

“Chinese Medicine and Culture”, holder of the 6th Duan Wei degree of health qigong,

practitioner of acupuncture, Tui Na and Su Jok therapy.

Depending on the interest, the Confucius Institute plans to organize online health Qigong

classes together with the lecturer.