Professor Duronjić Gave a Lecture on the Chinese Media System in the Information Society

On 1 December 2020, Tatjana Tapavički Duronjić, full professor at the Faculty of Political

Science of the University of Banja Luka, gave a lecture on the Chinese media system in the

information society, which was organized by the Confucius Institute of the University of Banja

Luka for the students of the Journalism and Communicology Study Programme at this Faculty.

In her two-hour presentation, Prof. Tatjana Tapavički Duronjić, PhD, talked about the use of new media in China, about the technology-oriented civilization, which is used in that country through a wide range, emphasizing that China has over 60% of Internet users and that this number is constantly growing s well as that the Asian media system is a promising continent.

She pointed out that China is a great country with a long history that has organized many

segments of society and life in a unique way, which is why it should come as no surprise that

China's media system is different in many ways, but also included in modern media organization and work.

She also explained that China has adјusted the number of media and the system of functioning of the media to Chinese people and Chinese culture, emphasizing that the media system of this country is large and developed with thorough regulation applied by five major regulatory bodies and that its laws protect the domestic production, that it seriously filters the contents and develops training programmes for journalists. In other words, China is investing a lot in technological development, but also in overseeing that development, with the intention of protecting the Chinese culture.

Tatjana Tapavički Duronjić is a full professor at the Faculty of Political Science, University of

Banja Luka. Her area of scientific interest is related to the sociological and communicative

influences that modern information technology has on society and man, especially on children

and youth. In addition, it explores the mediological characteristics of new media and the

transformations taking place in world media and media systems. She is also interested in the

areas of writing styles, especially the transformation of long forms of writing that, under the

influence of the information media age, have been transferred to the Internet. She is the author

of six scientific books in the mentioned fields.

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